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How to draw a dragon

How to Draw a Dragon for Chinese New Year

How to draw a dragon for Chinese New Year using simple letter shapes. Cute dragon drawing. If you can write the alphabet, you can draw! I love to draw dragons around the Chinese New Year—and even though it won’t be the Year of the Dragon until 2024 (2019 marks the Year […]

Chinese New Year Decorations

Chinese New Year Decorations that are easy and edible!

Chinese New Year Decorations: Good Fortune Cookie Tree. It might surprise you that Fortune cookies aren’t actually a tradition in China. The clever treats were created by a baker in San Francisco…or possibly Los Angeles (there is still a hot debate going on). Wherever they originated, their elegant folds and […]

dog pop art

Dog Pop Art Project

Dog Pop Art Shrink Paper Project Inspired by Your Dog or Any Pet. Julie and I love our varied and many pets and are always looking for fun ways to incorporate them in our art pursuits. There are tons of ways to create pet portraits, but for this one we […]