dog pop art

Dog Pop Art Project

Dog Pop Art Shrink Paper Project Inspired by Your Dog or Any Pet.

Julie and I love our varied and many pets and are always looking for fun ways to incorporate them in our art pursuits. There are tons of ways to create pet portraits, but for this one we wanted an easy-peasy DIY pet art project that didn’t require an MFA from RISD. Adults need to have fun too, and one way to feel like a kid again is to use shrink paper! Use brightly colored sharpies and add a pattern, such as polka dots if you want to give it a Dog Pop Art touch. Pop artist Roy Lichtenstein incorporated giant Ben-day dots into his art. Ben-day dots were part of the four-color printing process in the 1950’s and 60’s. (As an art teacher, I love art history so I tend to digress).

This project can be used as a sun catcher in a window, or on a perennial tree. I chose to do a portrait of our lovely, aging Dachshund Keira who’s about to turn 17 this March.

Shrink Paper Pet Ornament or Sun Catcher


dog pop art
What you’ll need

Photo of your pet 

Shrink paper

Sharpie markers in several colors

Ribbon piece for hanging

Suction cup if hanging in window 

Before starting: 

Preheat your oven to 325 degrees F and have a flat cookie sheet lined with parchment or tin foil ready

Step 1: Choose Your Photo

Choose a photo of your pet and print out at 2-3 times the size that you want your ornament to be. (For example, a 6” piece will shrink to 2.5” after baking.)

Step 2: Add The Shrink Paper And Choose A Shape

dog pop art
Trace desired shape onto transparency paper

Place the clear shrink paper over your photo and tape down to keep in place.

Using a stencil or object (bowl, lid, etc.), draw the shape of your ornament on the shrink paper. Use a smaller circle, such as a bottle lid, to add a half circle on the top that you will punch a hole through.

dog pop art
Add area for hole punch

Step 3: Color It!

dog pop art
Color in your pet portrait

Outline your pet with a dark color.

Tip: Before coloring the background in, I “erased” the line between my two circles with rubbing alcohol. Rubbing alcohol will take away the sharpie. Use a Q-tip or cotton ball to apply.

dog pop art
Erase any unwanted lines
dog pop art
Fill in the background

You can color the background area with one color, use a pattern or add extra details.

dog pop art

Color your pet as simply as possible capturing the details and markings that make him/her special.  

dog pop art
Outline your pet to make him or her stand out

Step 4: Cut Out, Hole Punch And Bake

dog pop art
Cut out your shape

Cut your colored ornament out of the shrink paper and hole punch the top piece.

dog pop art
Hole punch

Place it color side up on the cookie sheet. Place in PREHEATED oven for 1 to 3 minutes.

dog pop art
Place on a cookie sheet and bake

Watch your ornament shrink and make sure it lies flat for 30 seconds in the oven to finish. If it does not come out completely flat you can lightly press a folded piece of paper for about 15 seconds until it is completely cool.

Step 5: Add Ribbon And Hang!

dog pop art
Add ribbon and hang

First time FAIL!

dog pop art
Failed attempt on the left!

BTW, I don’t always get it right the first time! In my first version on the left, I didn’t color the shapes in solid enough. Also I didn’t use a variety of colors, so the whole thing was way too dark.

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